Maintenance & Clean

For Daily Use

Basically, an Umbrentic Pergola is free from maintenance, but we still suggest to do little care in order to ensure the smooth use and extend the service life of the pergola.

-Regular Use
If your structure is located near trees and shrubs, then we suggest you to clean falling leaves or twigs periodically, or those accumulative debris may go into small gaps or even the inserted gutter system, which will lead to unsmooth open/close of louvres and backwater in the gutter.

For areas and regions with cold winter, it is recommended to do lubrication twice a year in early spring and before the winter, just on those moving parts are enough.

If you want to store your Umbrentic Pergola for some reasons, please make sure the structure is clean and dry before and during the storage.

-In winter and extreme circumstances
The building material of an Umbrentic Pergola is powder-coated aluminum, normally, it will not be damaged by cold and heat. However, the louvers should be kept in vertical position in winter just in case if there’s heavy load from accumulative snow or ice.

If your structure has a motor, please always make sure the wires are well-insulated.

How to Clean

Please use clean and low-pressure water to do occasional washing for your structure. When you choose pressure to clean your pergola, please clean it in pressure between 1500 and 2000 PSI.
Besides, you can also apply soapy water or other quality detergent to remove dirt, just remember to rinse it thoroughly and make it dry.

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Maintenance & Clean
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