Sorry, we do not offer installment at the moment. You can pay your order via Paypal on our website.

Delivery/ Shipping

We now have our own warehouse in California, when the product you ordered is in stock, then the delivery time will be 5-10 days if your consignee address is within the US. If the address is out-of-US, then you’ll get the pergola within 2 months at the latest after ordering. When you purchase a product, please pay attention to the time marked on the shopping from selector. You can also contact our customer service for details.

If the pergola you order is out of stock, normally the lead time will be 1-2 months, then plus related delivery time according to different consignee addresses, which will be the total time you can receive it.

A pergola system basically will be packed into 4-8 cartons that varies from different models. We’ll pack those spare parts into categories with clear spare part list and manual book.

The logistic will contact you before deliver the pergola to your house.

You need to sign for your items if everything is okay. Please be attention that a signature means acceptance.

Yes. For consignee address in the US, you can track the delivery with the logistic tracking number. Regarding these consignee addresses are not in America, you can get your delivery status by contacting customer care via email or telephone.


Any damages must be reported to us within 5 days from the day of your receiving. If the pack reach to you is completed damaged, please directly refuse to receive it and contact us right now.

If you find the product is non-conforming at the sight of the package, please take photos, then contact us via email, telephone and take following steps. The sooner you contact us, the quicker we can handle this for you. Please assure that we will deliver/ship correct items to you within 3 working days if it is in stock.

If any damaged or missing parts are found, please report to us within 14 days after your pergola arrives. Please identify all damaged and missing parts with pictures, we will check in line with the information you provide. Replacements will be sent to you if damages and missing are judged. If more damages and missing parts are requested after the first shipment, we may need to ask you to pay those spare parts that you ask for.

All of our aluminum spare parts are protected with PE film, therefore, there will be no big damages or scratches on the surface. However, due to some uncertain and unexpected conditions during the transportation or installation, some slight scratches normally are inevitable and are not treated as quality problem. We of course will be more attention and do whatever we can to avoid such issue from our production to the delivery.


No. An Umbrentic Pergola is a completed and matured system that includes all structures and spare parts required. Besides, we also prepare a clear installation guide to help your assembly.

If you are not willing to mount by yourself, you also can hire local handyman to do this for you.

With experience, it is enough for 2 people to spend 3-5 hours in mounting the pergola. However, the actual time depends on the experience and the situation of different people.

Umbrentic offers pergolas in standard dimensions like 3x3m, 3X4m, 3x6m, 4x4m, 4x6m, etc. You can adjust the size if you really want to, but we normally do not suggest so, because you need to drill new holes on the aluminum, which requires quite professional tools and handy work.

Yes. We offer a wide range of accessories, such as private panel, pull-down screen, decoration panel and so on, so you can create your distinctive Umbrentic Pergola.

Yes. Extra equipment like a lamp or heater can be installed on the pergola, but please remember to mount them onto the beam or post, not the gutter part, besides, the weight of the equipment also needs to be considered. Just feel free to ask us for guidance.

A solid and flat foundation is required for the pergola mounting. We strongly suggest concrete slab or the solid terrace that made of wood.

Yes. Umbrentic Pergola comes into both free-standing and wall-mounted pergola for each series, which are optional for your different requirements.

Planning Permission

Most of time you have no need to apply permission. Just in case, it’s better to ask your local authorities to consult relevant matter before purchase or assemble.

Technical Data

Yes. The roof of our pergola is 100% waterproof against rain. The louvres are made into special shape for interlock when close, in addition, they can collect and withhold amount of water, then allow it flows into the gutter system and eventually drain off to the corner posts at the ground level.

The wind resistance of an Umbrentic pergola can reach 9-11 in Beaufort scale, which is already the whole gale. If the wind is over this range, please leave the louvres open so as to let the wind go through.

It is tested and engineered that our pergola’s roof can stand 50-60kg/m2 of snow. It is recommended to open the louvres in snow season.

We provide a limited lifetime warranty on our pergolas. Please check our Warranty to find more.

Although an Umbrentic Pergola requires ultra-low maintenance, we still suggest you to do little clean for daily use, please move to our Maintenance and Clean page for more details.