Umbrentic 10' × 13' Louvered Pergola Double Aluminum Louvers with Adjustable Rainproof Roof, Outdoor Aluminum Louvered Pergola, for Garden, Patio, Backyard, lawns

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Basic (4X3M 4 legs): No Accessories
Basic + Manual Wind Screen: One 370x236cm Wind Screen
Basic + Privacy Screen Panel Horizon X 1: One 125x235cm Privacy Screen Panel Horizon
Basic + Privacy Screen Panel Horizon X 3: Three 125x235cm Privacy Screen Panel Horizon

You can also purchase accessories individually in our accessories category.


We offer a 2-year warranty on our products.


1. We will notify you when it is about to delivered, please ensure the strong adults are at home for moving the heavy boxes.

2. Umbrentic doesn't offer pergola installation service, all the installation service from order page is from third party. We provide help if you have any questions about installation.

3. Clean up accumulated snow and fallen leaves regularly to ensure water draining system or louver driving mechanism well working.

4. Furniture in the picture are NOT included.

Eco friendlyRecycledSolid Structure

The Umbrentic 13' × 10' Louvered Pergola - a chic and adaptable enhancement for your outdoor space. Crafted for versatility and aesthetics, this pergola is a splendid choice for your deck, patio, garden, or backyard. Its dual aluminum louvers, paired with an adjustable, weather-resistant roof, grant you control over the sunlight and shade in your oasis. Count on its durable, all-aluminum construction for a dependable outdoor sanctuary.

Features of Umbrentic Louvered Pergola

Upgraded Louvre Structure

There is an improvement of 40-50% in terms of loading weight whencompared to the steel louver or single-layer aluminium louver.

UMBRENTIC  Post Design

Bigger-sized Post,Stronger Bearing Capability Aluminum skirt with draingage opening.which is anti-rust and can guide water flow

More Flexible Louvre Rotation

The pergola is equipped with double aluminum louvers that can be easily adjusted to create the perfect balance of sunlight and shade. The louvers can be opened or closed based on your preference, providing flexibility to enjoy the outdoors in different weather conditions.

Integrated Drainage System

The louvered pergola comes with an adjustable rainproof roof, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even during light rain showers. The roof can be angled to redirect water away from the seating area, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Design & Details


We make the crank and gearbox on the external part of the beam, then you can add pull down screen or privacy panels without worrying about the mutual interference issue.


We added the toprail to the top of beams on two sides, thejoint part between the connecting bars and louvers will beinvisible during the rotation of louvers.

We use the locking nut to fix the bar which made the whole process much smoother and stable during the louver rotation.

The plastic clasp can greatly reduce the up-and-down shaking and abnormal noise during louvres rotation.

These round plastic caps cover the holes in the beam, and makes the whole overlooking more decent.

Rich Accessory System

In addition to the range of products and accessories available for customers to choose from in our product selector.

We have also equipped Pergola products with a richer selection of accessories. You can find the accessories you want from the following pages to combine different styles for your Pergola kit.

Please note that different models of umbrentic pergola require different sizes of accessories, we have listed the corresponding sizes, please choose correctly.

ACC ACC PIC ACC Spec For What Pergola Remark
Wind Screen 3M 10‘ x 10'
13‘ x 10'
20‘ x 10'
1 set for 10' side
2 sets for 20' side if needs full cover
4M 13‘ x 10'
13‘ x 13'
1 set for 13' side
Louvre Panel
(Horizontal & Vertical)

1M 10‘ x 10'
13‘ x 10'
20‘ x 10'
13‘ x 13'
1 set for partial cover
3 set for 10' side if needs full cover
6 sets for 20' side if needs full cover

1.3M 10‘ x 10'
13‘ x 10'
20‘ x 10'
13‘ x 13'
1 set for partial cover
4 set for 13' side  if needs full cover
Deco Screen Panel 1M 10‘ x 10'
13‘ x 10'
20‘ x 10'
13‘ x 13'
1 set for partial cover
3 set for 10' side if needs full cover
6 sets for 20' side if needs full cover
1.3M 10‘ x 10'
13‘ x 10'
20‘ x 10'
13‘ x 13'
1 set for partial cover
4 set for 13' side  if needs full cover

Technical Parameter

Series Umbrentic Intro Plus
Size 4x3(4 legs)
Frame Material Aluminum
Louver Material Aluminum
Outer Size (W x D x H in cm) 393X302X256
Inner Size (W x D x H in cm) 370X279X236
Free Standing Yes
Max Louver Open 135°
Louver Control Manual/ Motorized
Snow load (kg/m2) 60
Wind Resistance
(Beaufort scale)
Waterproof Yes
Water Exit 4
Maintenance Maintenance Free
Warranty 10 years
Gross Weight (kg) 205

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The pergola is designed for easy installation, with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included. Additionally, the aluminum construction makes it easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep it looking pristine.

Packaging and Shipping

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Maintenance & Clean
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
bharat haldankar

When I used this pergola, I felt that its stability was very good, and there was no shaking or tilting. Its sturdy construction allows me to use it outdoors without worrying about safety.

Ben Meddens

I love the modern design of this Aluminum pergola and it blends perfectly with the style of my home. Its simple design and streamlined appearance make my home more stylish and modern. At the same time, its design is also very user-friendly and provides me with an excellent outdoor experience.

Naser Al-Sabagha

The customer service response time is a bit slow. They are a Chinese factory. I left a message on the website and received an email from their account manager about the next day. They recommended pergola and some accessories to me. I think this is great. Without them suggestions, I couldn't even figure out the model number of accessories I needed.

Masayuki Fukumoto

I searched online for a long time, and finally I found Louvered Pergola, and the customer service told me that they had some stock in their warehouse in Los Angeles, but not all models. I'm lucky enough to have a 10' x 10' pergola that I love. I received the product in about a week and it's really great!


We received our pergola quickly and hired a handyman and his crew to assemble it for us. We absolutely love it! The screens being inside a channel is a great feature. Unfortunately, two pieces came damaged, but the customer service was awesome. They took care of us and quickly shipped out replacement parts. Overall, we're very happy with our purchase and would recommend this pergola to others.

Umbrentic Pergola

Single Layer Aluminum Louver Pergola

Frequently Asked Questions

We now have our own warehouse in California, when the product you ordered is in stock, then the delivery time will be 5-10 days if your consignee address is within the US. If the address is out-of-US, then you’ll get the pergola within 2 months at the latest after ordering. When you purchase a product, please pay attention to the time marked on the shopping from selector. You can also contact our customer service for details.

Yes. We offer a wide range of accessories, such as private panel, pull-down screen, decoration panel and so on, so you can create your distinctive Umbrentic Pergola.

A pergola system basically will be packed into 4-8 cartons that varies from different models. We’ll pack those spare parts into categories with clear spare part list and manual book.

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Advantage of Umbrentic

Customer-Centric Approach

We understand the real needs of customers to build a more comfortable or functional outdoor space. Additionally, we care about not merely the final product presentation but also the whole process that end users to apply our products, from the moment they receive our products to their installation and to their actual use in the following days and years.

Embrace Innovation

Our heart lies a dedication to innovation. With meticulous attention to details, we employ skilled engineers who commit to make the products better by considering both trendy and niche requirements. This effort results in our aluminum pergolas that seamlessly integrate form and function, providing customers with a truly transformative outdoor experience.

Quality as Priority

Umbrentic's pergolas are built to last. Crafted from premium-grade aluminum materials known for their excellent strength and resistance to corrosion, our pergolas undergo rigorous testing to meet high-quality standards. It can be proven that our products have achieved the certificate of EN1090 and have passed the tests of EN13561, which demonstrate the performance of an aluminum pergola in wind resistance and mechanical endurance, etc.

Superior Service

Supported by our completed supply chain from design to production and from logistics to storage, our professional customer care team can deliver high standard service in the overall course of before, amid and after sales. We always believe that customer’s purchase is the real start of our service rather than the end of connection between customers and us.