Umbrentic Carport - Aluminum Pergola for Your Car

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Product Description

Just like a fine jewelry needs a case for anti-oxidation , your car also needs a carport for all-season protection.

You’ ll be free of concerning about your car get drenched when it rains, or damaged by UV exposure in summer days and no need to worry about scrapping snow in the cold winter morning.

By combining a garden storage with our carport, we make it more than a carport, but a practical extension of your house, which provides easy access to your daily garden life.

Product Feature

- An Umbrella for Your Car
Prevent your car from paint damage and keep it get less dirt, and that is how our carport save washes and time for you.

- Multi-functional
Equipped with a composite garden shed, in which you can store garden tools and even use it as a studio. Thanks to the excellent performance of composite in anti-UV, corrosion resistance, etc., you’ ll get an ultra-low maintenance storage space .

- Premium Quality Ensures Long Lifespan
Every carport we offer is made from high-quality aluminum and accessories, therefore, it requires rear maintenance with the service life of about 25 years.
Besides, the unique roof structure provides a load capacity of up to 80 kg/m2.

- Make your Own Carport
Our carport is very personal with choices of colors, finishes, accessories such as glass wall, vertical/ horizontal-louver or wood finish panels, which is tailored to your wishes.

- Easy Installation
We pack each kit of carport into categorical cartons with clear description of guide book for your easy assembling.

Eco friendlyRecycledSolid Structure

Carport Solo

- Carport size: 5327 x 3052 x 2580mm
- Material: Aluminum& Galvanized steel
- WPC: No
- Net weight: 550kg
- Gross weight: 600kg
- Packing information: 2980x1075x680mm
- Loading Qty / 40HQ: 24

Carport Solo Plus

- Carport size: 7227(5327+1900) x 3052 x 2580mm
- Material: Aluminum & Galvanized steel & WPC
- Wall panel : 28mm capped composite
- Net weight: 800 kg
- Gross weight: 850kg
- Packing information: 2980x990x1005mm
- Loading Qty / 40HQ: 16

Carport Duo

- Carport size: 5327 x 6052 x 2580mm
- Material: Aluminum & Galvanized steel
- WPC: No
- Net weight: 790 kg
- Gross weight: 840kg
- Packing information: 2980x1075x1060mm
- Loading Qty / 40HQ: 18

Carport Duo Plus

- Carport size: 7227(5327+1900) x 6052 x 2580mm
- Material: Aluminum & Galvanized steel & WPC
- Wall panel : 28mm caped composite
- Net weight: 1200 kg
- Gross weight: 1250kg
- Packing information: 2980x990x1855mm
- Loading Qty / 40HQ: 10


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Frequently Asked Questions

We now have our own warehouse in California, when the product you ordered is in stock, then the delivery time will be 5-10 days if your consignee address is within the US. If the address is out-of-US, then you’ll get the pergola within 2 months at the latest after ordering. When you purchase a product, please pay attention to the time marked on the shopping from selector. You can also contact our customer service for details.

Yes. We offer a wide range of accessories, such as private panel, pull-down screen, decoration panel and so on, so you can create your distinctive Umbrentic Pergola.

A pergola system basically will be packed into 4-8 cartons that varies from different models. We’ll pack those spare parts into categories with clear spare part list and manual book.

Advantage of Umbrentic

Customer-Centric Approach

We understand the real needs of customers to build a more comfortable or functional outdoor space. Additionally, we care about not merely the final product presentation but also the whole process that end users to apply our products, from the moment they receive our products to their installation and to their actual use in the following days and years.

Embrace Innovation

Our heart lies a dedication to innovation. With meticulous attention to details, we employ skilled engineers who commit to make the products better by considering both trendy and niche requirements. This effort results in our aluminum pergolas that seamlessly integrate form and function, providing customers with a truly transformative outdoor experience.

Quality as Priority

Umbrentic's pergolas are built to last. Crafted from premium-grade aluminum materials known for their excellent strength and resistance to corrosion, our pergolas undergo rigorous testing to meet high-quality standards. It can be proven that our products have achieved the certificate of EN1090 and have passed the tests of EN13561, which demonstrate the performance of an aluminum pergola in wind resistance and mechanical endurance, etc.

Superior Service

Supported by our completed supply chain from design to production and from logistics to storage, our professional customer care team can deliver high standard service in the overall course of before, amid and after sales. We always believe that customer’s purchase is the real start of our service rather than the end of connection between customers and us.

Customer Reviews

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Jaime Lagman
Great product

I really like this Carport, I park my car under it.
But the shipping time was too long, they didn't have this product in stock in the US, and I had to wait a month and a half.